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Why Use PoolEase

Reason #4

Pool Ease Includes lots of Money Saving Tips!

You probably know that "Alkalinity Up" means making the water more basic.  But did you know that the pool chemical you buy in that nicely packaged product named "Alkalinity Up" or "Sodium Bicarbonate" is also commonly found in your kitchen cupboard?  Sodium Bicarbonate is the chemical name for baking soda.  And baking soda can be bought for much less money in your supermarket than if you were to buy it in the swimming pool chemical section of your specialty pool products store.

PoolEase water testing software is full of these kinds of money saving tips.  PoolEase has all the generic names of pool chemicals listed to help save you money.  It was developed by a public swimming pool manager / commercial pool maintenance tehnician to give you accurate maintenance knowledge with relevant tips and tricks that work in the real world.  His work in the swimming pool industry, and hands on experience in keeping public swimming pools and commercial (such as hotel and private clients') swimming pools crystal clear and chemically balanced is passed on to you in the tips and tricks sections throughout PoolEase.

And of course, by keeping your pool chemicals at the right levels, you'll save money by decreasing the chances of having your pump or pipes corroding faster due to improper pool chemical balancing.  PoolEase will make it easy for you to keep your swimming pool chemicals at the right levels, thereby lowering repair bills.

Small Investment... Big Return!

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Better water means safer swimming and lower repair bills!


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