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Why Use PoolEase

Reason #5

Pool Ease is Compatible with Most Swimming Pool Chemicals.

Test easily for:

  • Chlorine,
  • Bromine,
  • Baquanide,
  • pH,
  • Alkalinity,
  • Calcium,
  • Hardness,
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer),
  • Algicide,
  • Mineral Control

There is also another space available for you to enter your own commonly used products, as well as a spot for your personal preferences of algicide and mineral control so you can edit the program to suit your own personal needs.

PoolEase makes it easy to keep the chemicals in your swimming pool balanced and looking great, clear and inviting to all!  Simply test your swimming pool water with the standard test kit you already have, plug the numbers into our user friendly program, and PoolEase will tell you which swimming pool chemicals to add, as well as how much of them you need to add to get your pool water the way it should be - safe and pleasant to swim in.

When you click on the name of any swimming pool chemical on the screen, the friendly "Pool Guide" will appear to help you out with an explanation of what that chemical is, the level that it should be present in in your swimming pool water, and any other tips and tricks that would be related to that chemical. (ie. click on "alkalinity" and the Pool Guide will tell you that Total Alkalinity is the buffer for pH, the level it should be for the different types of finish of pools, and that it is easiest to change pH when the total alkalinity is lower).

Does your swimming pool use chlorine or bromine?  PoolEase lets you enter this with the ease of a checkmark.

PoolEase also has an easy to use pool volume calculator to enable you to easily determine the volume of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa.  (Of course the volume that the manufacturer of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa tells you is usually the most accurate, and should be used in most cases).  But just in case you've misplaced that information, PoolEase makes it easy for you to calculate it, even if it's not your typical circle or square type pool.

Our software also takes into account the type of finish on your pool in order to give you the best information possible when maintaining your pool.

For pool and spa dealers, PoolEase can be a great marketing tool for your products.  We can customize Pool Ease for you using your store and website name, your phone number, your chemical brand names, a custom message of your choice, and a link to your website.  Sell a copy of you customized PoolEase to your customers, or give it to potential clients as a promotion item - make it easy for them to keep their pool water balanced, and keep them coming back to order your brand of chemicals! Click here for more info if you're a pool and spa dealer, and are interested in making PoolEase yours.

We hope you've enjoyed our "Tour of Reasons", and that you've gained some knowledge and insight into taking care of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa.  We know you'll enjoy using PoolEase to make your pool experiences that much better!  Thank you!

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or take a peek first at the swimming pool chemicals in our sample screen shot of PoolEase water testing software.

Better water means safer swimming and lower repair bills!


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