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Why Use PoolEase

Reason #1

Why use Pool Ease for your swimming pool maintenance?

Proper swimming pool maintenance of your pool water chemicals is essential to keep your water safe and to prevent the spread of disease.

When a swimming pool or hot tub is not properly maintained with a safe level of chemicals, bacteria (who enjoy the warmth and moisture of a pool or spa) have the opportunity to increase to such high numbers that they can make you sick. See Reason #2 for using Pool Ease for your swimming pool maintenance to find out more about bacteria.

So we know that not adding enough pool chemicals to your swimming pool or spa can put you at risk for bacterial growth.  But on the other side of the pool chemicals coin is adding too much of a chemical to your water.  Better safe than sorry right?  Wrong.  Adding too much of a chemical may kill the bacteria, but it makes your pool water harsh to sit in and may give you rashes.  It will also be corrosive to the pipes and pump, and increase your repair bills.

Better water means safer swimming and lower repair bills!

How can PoolEase help?

PoolEase water testing software makes it easy for you to keep your swimming pool, hot tub and spa water chemicals at their proper levels.  Taking care of your pool chemicals is a chore that needs to be done before the fun starts, but PoolEase will make it faster and easier, which means you'll be more likely not to skip it "just this once" and get on with having fun!

PoolEase does the calculations for you -  It's "as easy as one, two, three"!

  1. just test your water using the standard test kit,
  2. Enter your results and PoolEase will tell you which chemicals you need to add and how much of that chemical to add. 
  3. PoolEase will do the calculations fast and easily, and tell you exactly how much and what type of pool chemical to add to your swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.

You do not have to repeatedly spend time on these calculations and you can be assured that they are done correctly so that the right amount of pool chemicals are added.  You have the peace of mind knowing that you haven't made a computation error leading to the wrong amount of chemicals being added to your water, thereby possibly giving bacteria a chance to thrive, or on the other side having your pipes and pump corrode faster.

Pool Ease was developed by a public swimming pool manager and computer programmer, giving you accurate maintenance knowledge with relevant tips and tricks that work in the real world, as well as the easy to use program that will work well on your computer.  To sum things up, The benefits of PoolEase are many:

  • PoolEase is easy to use and understand software
  • PoolEase is much faster than doing the computations manually
  • There are no computation errors, no double checking your math - know exactly how much to use.
  • Increased confidence: no errors in deciding which pool chemicals to use.
  • PoolEase includes time saving tips and tricks
  • PoolEase includes money saving tips and tricks

Combine all of these and you get:

=Safer water and more time to use it!

Order Now!

Need another reason?  Go on to Reason #2 to use PoolEase water testing software...

Better water means safer swimming and lower repair bills!


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